UAV Platform, Payload Solutions for Surveys, Mapping, Inspections, and Sales in Illinois



  • overhead view of work site
    Surveying & Mapping

    • RTK / PPK accuracy to 3 cm
    • Efficiently gather millions of data points
    • Quickly and accurately calculate volumes
    • Generate highly-detailed 2-D / 3-D maps
  • drone inspecting a highway structure

    • Specialized drones allow for inspection around hard to reach objects
    • Multi-spectral camera allows for visual and NIR inspection
    • Safely inspect and map confined spaces and large vertical structures
  • crop field heat map example
    Crop Scouting & Analysis

    • Crop scout for parasites and fungi
    • Plant count
    • Analyze stand establishment
    • Generate variable rate prescriptions
    • Assess storm damage
    • Assess slope and drainage
    • Farm Data Management
    • Management Zones

sample of compatible formats

Data Format Guide

With our mapping drone, we can capture accurate aerial imagery and export the data to many popular formats.

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We currently provide all Agrible and Crop Copter products and services!


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Crop Copter provides farm UAV solutions for a variety of applications for the average drone enthusiast all the way up to commercial UAV Platform applications.  For more information on their current product line please contact us directly or follow the link below!

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Agrible provides you with the tools to make decision more informed decisions with certainty.  When is the right time to get in the field?  How do you make your operation more sustainable?  Which inputs should you use?  What's the right marketing strategy?  Where should you be working today?  For more information about agrible products please contact us directly or follow the link below!



Why Us

drone being prepared for launch

Midwest Aerial Survey prides itself on providing optimal, cost-effective and intelligent solutions for your surveying, mapping, inspection, and farm management needs.

Working with a variety of UAV platforms and mapping software, we produce high resolution aerial photography, orthoimagery, highly accurate and detailed topographic data and high resolution maps and models for a variety of applications.

Using suitable, small UAV platforms, which are portable and field repairable, we can reduce costs, save time and improve safety.

The compact equipment size further allows safe, easy transport from point A to point B with minimal risk.



About Us

Drew Sudkamp
Drew Sudkamp

Sean McQueen
Sean McQueen

  • Over 18 years combined experience in surveying and mapping
  • Over 18 years combined experience in collecting, processing and utilizing data across a wide array of applications
  • 16 plus years of management and supervising experience
  • FAA certified remote pilots for sUAS
  • Authorized dealers of Agrible and Crop Copter products and services